common fame is seldom to blame

Cf. 1597 H. LOK Sundry Christian Passions 149 Though prouerbe truely say, by fames affect, Gods iudgement lightly doth a truth detect.

1639 J. CLARKE Parœmiologia Anglo-Latina 227 Common fame’s seldome to blame.

1721 J. KELLY Scottish Proverbs 80 Common Fame sindle [seldom] to blame. A man will seldom be under an universal ill Report, unless he has given some occasion for it.

1853 R. C. TRENCH Lessons in Proverbs 13 Common fame is seldom to blame.

1936 R. A. J. WALLING Corpse in Crimson Slippers i. But though, as the proverb says, common fame is seldom to blame, don’t believe everything you hear about me.

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